what is the difference between casting iron and casting metal

Casting metal is the process by which molten metals are poured into casts or moulds. This process is used to create parts or products of a given shape and dimensions. It is a process that’s carried out by various casting companies in the UK. The metal used in the casting is allowed to cool and solidify before they are removed from the mould. There are many industries in which this process is used to serve various purposes.

While casting metal refers to a general process, iron casting on the other hand is specific in its application. In short, casting iron is just another form of metal casting. In fact it is the most commonly used by castings UK. Depending on the type of iron casting you are referring to, products may include pistons, gear boxes, pipes, knives, and valves. All these are the products of the processes of casting grey iron.

Other industries that depend on casting metal include engineering, agriculture, automotive, road, and construction. The kind of iron used in these industries is the ductile/malleable one. No matter what industry you operate in, Newby Foundries are here to serve your needs. Talk to us today!